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Toronto Gay Ski and Snowboarding Club: We Belong!

Welcome to the official TGSC website!

The Toronto Gay Ski and Snowboarding Club (TGSC) is celebrating its 16th season with a full schedule of local day trips, extended out of town trips, parties and get togethers. An all-volunteer organization, TGSC is open to all members of the queer community. Come join us on the slopes and in the chalets this winter! Sign-up here!

How many members does TGSC have?

We have members in the club as of today.

Is TGSC only open to men?

Absolutely not! The majority of members are men, but the club is open to all members of the *LGBTTIQQ2SA communities: the term “gay “in our name is meant to be an all inclusive short form.

*LGBTTIQQ2SA is an abbreviation used to represent a broad array of identities such as, but not limited to, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, two-spirited, and allies.

What does it cost to join TGSC?

Registration for the Toronto Gay Ski & Snowboarding Club is fast and easy: three membership levels are available – Green Circle (always free), Blue Square ($10) and Black Diamond ($40).

TGSC Green Circle Membership is always free:

  • Receive e-mail notifications of all trips and events
  • Attend monthly Evening Socials & Dinners, Nordic Ski Events and participate in Cultural & Special activities

Becoming a TGSC Green Circle Member is easy: just signup! you can  upgrade your membership at any time after setting up your profile!

Find out about the benefits of Blue Square and Black Diamond membership levels on the membership page - sneak peak: Black Diamond membership allows you to participate in day trips at Ontario Private Ski Clubs in the Collingwood area such as Osler Bluff, Alpine, Georgian Peaks and Craigleith.

What are the benefits of joining TGSC?

Meeting new people, making friends, getting some cardio over the winter and having lots of fun all year round!

Does TGSC have other social events beyond skiing/snowboarding?

Yes! We have monthly evening socials and dinners. As well, we organize parties and other events throughout the season.

How does TGSC give back to the community?

Each March, the members of TGSC team up with Supporting Our Youth in sponsoring a ski and snowboarding day for queer youth. This important event provides the opportunity for disadvantaged youth to have fun, escape the city and even get some exercise. It also allows young men and women to spend some time with positive role models in our community. This event is fully funded by the membership of the TGSC.